Tips for packing

  • Use proper packaging - Boxes makes the move a lot easier, and takes better care of your belongings.
  • Make sure the bottom of the boxes is folded correctly, or is properly taped.
  • Fill the boxes - it makes less room for movement, and the box will keep its shape. If needed you can put paper on top of , and between, the items.
  • Do not use to big boxes on heavier things, like books. Remember that the box is gonna be carried. Please control wheight by lifting the box while packing it.
  • Mark the boxes clearly on the outside, write on top and one of the sides.
  • Use enough paper. Use wrap paper instead of newspapers, then you do not have to wash of so many stains afterwards.
  • Put clothes in layers, then they will not wrinkle as easily.
  • Clothes on hangers - put a black bag over it, make a hole in the bottom, pull the handle of the hanger through. If needed you can use paperwardrobes for your most delicate clothing.
  • Stoneware and glass requires extra caution. Put a towel or a blanket in the bottom of the box, and always place the heaviest items in the bottom. Use a lot of paper between to avoid friction and impact between the items.
  • Dishes should be packed with paper between, and set upright in the box. Plates are more likely to be damaged if stacked vertically.
  • Stemmed glass should be put with stem pointing upwards in the box.

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